• Yorkville NX720s


    Delivering outstanding low-frequency performance, the 720-watt (program)
    NX720S powered subwoofer has been designed from the ground up to be the
    ideal companion for any medium sized live sound or DJ PA. Although it is the
    perfect match for the NX750P it will match well to many other systems.
    Intended for a variety of applications, the NX720P uses a single long-excursion,
    neodymium-magnet 15-inch woofer to deliver maximum output over the entire
    40 to 150 Hz range.
    The NX720S has sophisticated processing circuitry that protects the driver while
    maximizing the use of the available power. This processing has been carefully
    optimized to complement the characteristics of the driver and enclosure system.
    The fast limiter protects against clipping and over excursion. It is located with
    both high and low pass filters on either side of the limiter to guarantee that only
    the correct frequency content reaches the driver. The slow (RMS) limiter is
    equalized to adjust for the impedance variations of the loudspeaker system over
    frequency. This ensures the maximum output of continuous bass prevalent in
    today''s music while ensuring protection of the driver against overheating.
    Carefully tailored attack and release times ensure that maximum level is 
    available from the system.
    The input section in the NX720S allows for a variety of system configurations.
    There are two input sections allowing two signals to be blended into the
    NX720S.This allows stereo left and right signals to be summed into one NX720S
    while preserving channel separation of the stereo signals. Each input section
    has XLR male and female jacks to allow loop thru of line level signals. In 
    addition one input section also has two 1/4-inch jacks that may be used for loop
    thru of line or speaker level signals. Within each section all jacks are connected
    in parallel.
    Simple controls on the NX720S include an input gain control (Volume), variable
    high frequency cut-off and low-frequency tunable bass boost. The variable high
    frequency cutoff is adjustable from 90 to 150 Hz to trim the subwoofers 
    low-pass filter to suit whatever full range cabinets are being used with this sub.
    A low-frequency tunable bass boost adjustable from 45 to 90 Hz has been
    included to allow subtle customizing of the bass character.
    Proven Class D amplifier technology allows the NX720S to operate without a
    fan while preserving ample thermal margin without the need for large heavy
    heatsinks so it is lighter than conventional amplifiers.
    Solid, rugged 5/8th-inch 11-ply Russian birch cabinet construction provides
    unmatched long-term reliability. A heavy gauge perforated metal grille protects
    the speaker while integrated bar handles and a speaker-stand pole-mount are
    also metal.
    • Integrated 1500 Watt Amplifier (Peak) (720 Watts Program)
    • 15-inch Woofer
    • Max SPL 134dB Peak (128dB Continuous)
    • 40Hz - 150Hz with Adjustable HF Roll-Off
    • 45hz - 90hz Variable Boost Frequency
    • Paralleled XLR and 1/4-inch Selectable Line or 
    Speaker Level Inputs
    • Excursion, Peak and Thermal Woofer Protection
    • Integrated All Metal Speaker Pole Mount Adaptor
    • Solid 5/8-inch (15mm) Birch Plywood Construction
    • Made in Canada
    NX720S Rear Panel
    System Type Powered Subwoofer
    Active or Passive Active
    Program Power (Watts) 720 Watts (1500 Watts Peak)
    Max SPL (dB) 134dB Peak (128dB Continuous)
    Frequency Response (Hz +/- 3dB) 40 - 150 adjustable
    Driver Configuration 15-inch / 3-inch voice coil
    LF Protection Electronic Limiting (Excursion, Thermal, Clip)
    Cooling Scheme Passive convection
    Power Cable Detachable IEC
    Power Switch Yes
    Power Consumption (typ/max) 230VAC 50 Hz 1.2A
    Inputs - 1/4" Jacks 1 In, 1 Link Out
    Inputs - XLR Left and Right Male/Female Link
    Level Controls Main Volume
    EQ Controls HF Cut-off 90 - 150Hz
    Limiter RMS / Peak / Current
    LED Indicators Power / Limit / Clip
    Other Controls / Features Selectable line or Speaker level input
    45Hz - 90Hz variable boost frequency
    Feet Rubber
    Bar Handles 2 Side Mounted
    Pole Mount Adapter (1 3/8"-3.5cm) Top
    Enclosure Materials 15mm (5/8-inch) 11-ply Russian Birch
    Port(s) 1
    Grille Heavy Gauge perforated metal
    Covering / Finish Black Ultrathane (painted)
    Dimensions (DWH xbackW, inches) 21.5 x 18.1 x 22.75
    Dimensions (DWH xbackW, cm) 54.6 x 46 x 57.8
    Weight (lbs/kg) 77.6 / 35.2