Shure WA712 Colored Handle

Shure WA712 Colored Handle


WA712 Colored Handle

Optional colour handle for customizing BLX2/PG58 handheld transmitters

Shure brings new colour choices to performers of all kinds in legendary Shure microphone options. Available for selected handheld BLX2 models all manufactured to meet demanding Shure quality standards. A simple installation and removal process enables easy switching between styles.

Available colours: white, silver, gold, pink, blue and red
For handheld model: BLX2/PG58

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What microphone models can I get colour handles for?

A: Currently six new colour choices (white, silver, gold, pink, blue and red) are available for the BLX2/PG58, BLX2/SM58, BLX2/BETA58A, GLXD2/SM58 and GLXD2/BETA58A wireless handheld transmitter options in the PG, SM and Beta Wireless Lines.

Q: Do you plan to make wired microphones or other Shure products customizable?

At this time Shure only offers customization in terms of the colored covers for the PG, SM and Beta Wireless Lines.

Q: How do I install my new color or custom design handle?

A: Installing your new handheld is simple, and is a matter of removing the old black handle and installing the new cover. For detailed instructions see the user guides on for the specific model. A screwdriver may be required depending on your model, but no other tools or special equipment is necessary.