Rane PE17 Parametric Equalizer

Rane PE17 Parametric Equalizer

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Rane PE17 Parametric Equalizer

The PE 17 is a single channel, five band parametric equalizer which is based on the features and performance of the PE 15. However, it advances the feature set of the PE 15 by adding dedicated input and output controls, plus separate sweepable low and high cut filters. The range of the low cut filter is 10Hz to 250Hz, while the high cut is 3kHz to 40kHz, and both have maximally flat 12dB/octave Butterworth responses. All five parametric bands are identical and offer 100% overlap in addition to multipliers to extend the range of each band. This flexibility makes the PE 17 ideal for all audio contouring applications. Each filter may be individually bypassed via a front panel switch, allowing the user to audibly audition the effect of each filter. An overall bypass switch provides a "hard-wire" from the input to the output connector, completely defeating all effects of the unit.

Front panel LEDs include individual bypass and a system overload indicator. The rear panel provides both XLR as well as 1/4" TRS inputs and outputs. All connectors are fully active balanced. With bandwidths as narrow as 1/30th octave and 15dB cut capability, the PE 17 is capable of removing undesired frequencies without audibly affecting sonic quality.


  • Five fully parametric bands with 100% overlap
  • 10Hz to 20kHz filter frequency sweep
  • Adjustable bandwidth from 0.03 to 2 octave variable bandwidth
  • Separate sweepable low and high cut filters
  • Master and individual band in/out bypass switching
  • Multipoint overload monitoring indicator
  • Active balanced input and output connections
  • Automatic fail-safe bypass relay