Pioneer DJ PC-HS01-K-Black Turntable Headshell

Pioneer DJ PC-HS01-K-Black Turntable Headshell


Pioneer DJ PC-HS01-K- Black Headshell

The PC-HS01 headshell comes in black, silver and gold so you can choose the colour that complements your setup best. Or use the colours to differentiate between your weight, cartridge and stylus preferences; for example, black for scratching, silver for recording, and gold for listening.

The PC-HS01 comes with a 4 gram shell weight, but the headshell also allows you to attach different weights (cartridge and stylus are not included).

General Specifications

    PC-HS01 includes:
        2 screws
        2 washers
        2 nuts
        4 gram shell weight
    Product weight: 10 g (11 g, including the supplied accessories)
    Shell length: 52 mm
    Finger length: 21 mm