Odyssey FZGSDJMA9CDJWBL Flight Case Coffin Style DJM-A9 Two CDJ - Black

Odyssey FZGSDJMA9CDJWBL Flight Case Coffin Style DJM-A9 Two CDJ - Black


Odyssey FZGSDJMA9CDJWBL Flight Glide Case Coffin Style With Wheels Fits DJM-A9 Mixer And Two CDJ-3000 Or Similar Size Players - Black Label.

This hardshell black label Glide-Style DJ Coffin Flight Case with Wheels for DJM-A9 / CDJ-3000 or Similar Size Gear from Odyssey features anodized aluminum reinforced edges, with black powder coated ball-type corner reinforcement, creating a visually stunning yet strong case that protects your gear during storage and transport, a set of corner wheels allows you to roll your case and gear onto stage instead of having to carry the heavy load.

The case has three compartments for your DJ system controller and platters and a laptop platform. Recessed latches and spring-loaded handles minimize that cases footprint, allowing for easier stacking. A removable panel as well as a cable port hole enables you to use your DJ gear without removing it from the case for faster setup and breakdown on location.

*Please note that computer and controller is not included


  • Fits DJM-A9 DJ mixer and two CDJ-3000 or similar size media players
  • All Black Anodized and Powder Coated Hardware
  • Cable Port Hole
  • Corner Wheels

  • Glide Style Platform & Port Hole

Approx. Exterior Dimensions: 48.25" W x 23.5" D x 9.25" H

Approx. Weight: 43 lbs

Approx. Shipping Dimensions: 49" x 24.75" x 10.5"
Approx. Shipping Weight: 52 lbs
Approx. Center Compartment Measurements: 16.25" x 16.75"
Approx. Side Compartment Measurements: 13" x 16.75"
Approx. Case Lid Interior Height: 3"