Odyssey 810134 Industrial Board Case 10Inch Mixer Two CDJ

Odyssey 810134 Industrial Board Case 10Inch Mixer Two CDJ


Odyssey 810134 Industrial Board Style Case Coffin With Wheels Fits Most 10" DJ Mixers & Two CDJ-3000 - Black Label.

Odyssey Innovative Designs Industrial Board Case, a professional carrying case that can accommodate most 10" DJ mixers such as the Pioneer DJM-S11 and two CDJ-3000 media players or similar sized equipment.

The case is constructed from laminated hexagon industrial board with dense foam lining and features heavy-duty ball corners, built-in corner wheels, recessed handles and latches, and removable front-access V-cut panels for easy access. This case is equipped with plenty of ventilation pits and cable-access ports to keep your gear operating with a clean appearance.

*Please note that computer and controller is not included


  • Fits most 10" DJ mixers and two CDJ-3000 media players
  • All-black hardware with hexagon industrial board
  • Foam-lined interior
  • Foam-lined lid
  • Removable front-access panels
  • Heavy-duty ball corners
  • Heavy-duty recessed handle and latches
  • Corner wheels
  • Rubber feet
Approx. Exterior Dimensions: 42.5" W x 23" D x 10" H
Approx. Weight: 46 lbs
Approx. Shipping Dimensions: 43" x 24" x 10.5"
Approx. Shipping Weight: 49.5 lbs
Approx. Center Compartment Measurements: 11.25" x 17.25"
Approx. Side Compartment Measurements: 12.75" x 20.75"
Approx. Case Lid Interior Height: 3.25"
Approx. Rear Spacing Depth: 3.5"