• Microh Mini Venom



    Red and Green Multi Beam Laser

    The Mini Venom is a compact Red and Green Multi Beam laser effect. With 130mw (30mw Green 532nm and 100 mw Red 650 mw) laser diode output, it creates and high energy laser light show. The comes with a wireless remote which controls the modes of the unit and colours. The unit is great for the Mobile DJ, Small Night Club and  Bar, Banquet hall and Retail Store. 


    Laser diode -  DPSS, Red 650nm, Green 532nm

    Power supply - DC12V. Adaptor: AC110V-240V, 50/60Hz

    Laser power - 130mw, Red 100mW, Green 30mW

    Motor - N1.8 high precision stepper motor

    Control mode - Sound Active, AUTO, Wireless Remote Control

    Dimensions - 27 × 19 × 13cm

    Net weight - 0.7KG