KNS 8402

Headphones for Educated Ears

KRK KNS 8402 headphones provide an accurate listening experience in a highly durable package that is perfect for a variety of uses. The closed-back, circumaural ("around the ear") design provides up to 30 dBA of isolation, which significantly reduces headphone "bleed" into the microphones when recording. The excellent isolation performance also lets you focus on the music, without distraction from external sounds. With a maximum SPL of 124 dB, they're capable of providing all the level you'll ever need while remaining clear and detailed sounding, with very low distortion. KRK headphones are a reference that professional engineers trust. Their accurate frequency response, excellent stereo imaging, and consistent KRK voicing means that you can rely on them for the most critical listening applications. Their impact-resistant plastic construction makes them lightweight, yet durable, and with their field-replaceable parts, including the pads and cable, they are in it for the long haul. The form-fitting, memory foam pads mean you'll be able to wear them for hours without fatigue, too. Since they're so comfortable, and so well suited for a variety of uses, both in and out of the studio–tracking, editing, mixing, general listening–they'll quickly become your favorite headphones!

KRK - Behind Great Music.

KNS 8402 Features

  • Wide frequency response for detailed sound quality across the entire audible frequency spectrum.

  • Impact resistant plastic construction for light weight and durability.

  • Comfortable acoustic memory foam pads with premium leatherette covers provide exceptional comfort over long listening sessions.

  • 124 dB Max Peak SPL, so they effortlessly provide all the volume level you'll ever need.

  • Excellent ambient noise isolation means they won't bleed into the mics when recording, and you won't be disturbed by external sounds while listening.

  • Excellent dynamic range with consistent low-distortion performance.

  • Self-aligning yoke system ensures the best possible fit.

  • Replaceable cable, head and ear cushions to insure long life.

  • Accessories include a connection cable with screw-in adapter (fitted) and in-cord volume control slider, protective soft bag, anti-microbial cleaning cloth, and user manual .

Technical Specs


Closed Back, Circumaural

System Type

Dynamic Headphones


2.5 M, (8.2 FT), 99.99% OFC Detachable

Ear Cushion Type

Acoustic Memory Foam

Headpad Finish

Premium Leatherette

Nominal Headband Pressure

4N (Based on Average Head Size)

Ambient Noise Isolation

Up to 30 dBA


40mm Neodymium

Nominal Impedance

36 ohms

Frequency Response

5Hz - 23kHz

Sensitivity (1MW)

97 dB SPL

Calculated Max SPL

124 dB SPL


Gold-Plated Stereo 1/8" (3.5mm)

Volume Control

Detachable/Replaceable Low-Profile Inline HQ Control


Black Impact Resistant Plastic


3.7" (94mm) X 10.5" (268mm) X 9.6" (245mm)


0.54 lb (0.247 kg)