Decksaver DS PC RANE4 Cover

Decksaver DS PC RANE4 Cover


Decksaver DS PC RANE4 Cover.

Rane has a reputation for creating top-quality DJ equipment, and their latest controller, the Rane Four, is no exception.

Designed with both amateur and professional DJs in mind, the Four boasts an impressive range of features that enable you to mix and perform your music seamlessly.

With a layout that is easy to navigate and intuitive to use, it features four channels, each with their own dedicated EQ and filter controls, making it easy to adjust and shape your sound. It also has a built-in sound card that delivers high-quality audio processing, ensuring that your music sounds crystal clear.

However, as with any high-end mixer, it’s crucial to protect it from potential damage. That’s where Decksaver steps in. The DS PC RANE4 cover is specifically designed for the Rane Four and being made from ultra-durable polycarbonate plastic, it provides exceptional protection against dust, spills, and other harmful elements.

The Decksaver team of experts has spent many hours perfecting cover for the Rane Four, ensuring that it fits snugly and securely over the device. With our Decksaver cover, you can rest easy knowing that your mixer is protected from any potential harm, at home and on the road.

Investing in a Rane Four is a potentially big decision and protecting it should be a top priority.

With a Decksaver cover, you can safeguard your equipment and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your mixer is safe and secure, so you can focus on creating and performing your music.


  • Patented smoked/clear transparency, unique to Decksaver.
  • Protects against dust, liquid and impact.
  • Shields vulnerable faders, switches and knobs during transportation.
  • Low profile design enables compatibility with most flight cases and travel bags.