• Antari W-508

    C$235.00 C$230.00

    Antari W-508 Wireless Fog Machine 

    The Antari W-508 is an 800W portable fogger requiring less than 100 seconds to warm up and produces a steady, constant fog output as long as you need-without any reheating interval time. Part of the premium-performance W-series, the Antari W-508 has been specially upgraded for professional users who demand true plug-and-play operation from their stage fog machines. All the unnecessary wires you usually have to hide or worry about tripping over have been eliminated, leaving you with the convenience of a hand-held transmitting controller. The transmitter can memorize up to 5 sets of frequencies so you can control 5 foggers at once.


    • Power: AC100V/AC120V/AC230V/AC240V,50Hz-60Hz

    • Heater: 800W

    • Output: 3,000 cu. ft. (85m3)/min

    • Tank Capacity: 0.8 liters

    • Fluid Consumption Rate: 60 min./0.8 ltr

    • Weight: 3.8 kg

    • Dimensions(LxWxH): 315 cm x 128 cm x 166 cm

    • Remote Included: W-1 wireless remote

    • Function: Wireless On/Off; No DMX

    • Warm-Up Time: 100 seconds