• Electro-Voice R300-HD Wireless Handheld Mic System


    Electro-Voice R300-HD

    The R300-HD is a robust handheld UHF wireless system, suitable for any application where the convenience of a handheld transmitter is required. The HT-300 metal handheld transmitter is made to withstand the rigors of daily use while remaining comfortable and light-weight in your hand. The PL22 dynamic microphone is the perfect all-around microphone for singing, speaking engagements, and emcees. The cardioid pickup pattern rejects sounds from the surroundings, helps control audio feedback, and still allows an experienced vocalist to work the microphone. The receiver's dual antenna diversity helps avoid signal dropouts, and its durable metal frame and chassis can either be used on a tabletop, or rack-mounted with optional rack mounting hardware.

    Designed for the entry-level professional, the Electro-Voice R300 makes the benefits of professional wireless microphone performance accessible to a new category of users. With features like one-touch ClearScan and EZsync transmitter update, the R300 offers professional-class capabilities but is as easy to setup and use as any entry-level wireless microphone system.


    • ClearScan automatically finds the clearest channel
    • EZsync one-step channel setup
    • PL22 cardioid dynamic microphone element
    • 14 hour battery life from two AA alkaline
    • Rugged metal transmitter
    • Metal receiver chassis with optional rack mount

    R300 Systems are available in the following bandwidths.

    A Band 618 – 634 MHz

    B Band 678 – 694 MHz